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Penhaligon's - Parfumerie d'Aquitaine


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Penhaligon's - The Tragedy of Lord George

from $24.000 - $300.000

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Penhaligon's - Halfeti

from $17.000 - $285.000

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Devotees of good perfume can expect nothing less than a real world of fragrances from the British perfume house "Penhaligon's". Compared to other brands, "Penhaligon's" occupies a special position, because the traditional brand deals exclusively with the perfect fragrance.

The brand was founded in 1868 by the barber William Henry Penhaligon in London. Thanks to his small but very exquisite selection of fragrances and perfumes, he was able to quickly open several retail stores and eventually became Queen Victoria's royal barber and perfumer. Since then a lot has happened. Today, with stores in London, Paris, New York, Hong Kong and Singapore, the company is led by Georg R. Wuchsa, who shares the founder's passion. However, the owner is the Spanish fashion and fragrance brand "Puig".