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Floris London - Parfumerie d'Aquitaine

floris london

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In 1730, the married couple Juan Famenias and Elizabeth Floris opened in London, in the St. James neighborhood, a shop selling perfumes, combs and cosmetics for the gentleman's perfect shave. This former Floris store can still be visited today and breathe in almost 300 years of history in the beautiful antiques and luxury shop along with the fragrances for sale.

A prominent clientele and appointment as a supplier of combs to the royal court helped the family business soon become a real force in terms of fragrance and beauty for London's aristocracy and gentry.

At a time when personal perfume was cultivated and developed with increasingly innovative discoveries, Floris launched fragrances with its own recipes that marked a milestone in the perfumery fashion of the time.

In the 20th century, many famous personalities belonged to the Floris clientele and the impressive list of names with Mary Shelley or Florence Nightingale was completed with great celebrities such as Winston Churchill and Marilyn Monroe.