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Frapin - Parfumerie d'Aquitaine


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Frapin - 1270

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Since 1270, the family-owned and artisan company Frapin has perfected its methods of cognac production, controlling each stage of the process. To get closer and underline the relationship between two exceptional trades, Frapin has decided to offer aromas inspired by its cognacs, its history and its land.

For the Frapin house, designing and making perfumes is an opportunity to make the senses flourish and immerse yourself in a world charged with emotions. The perfumes tell the story of the French passion for quality, the art of living and tradition. Timeless from the best raw materials, traditional knowledge and love for the beautiful and the good. After all, the quintessence of luxury is taking time to create beauty. And enjoy it.

Like the production of cognacs, the composition of our fragrances consists of giving time to time. Time to develop skills honed over the centuries. Time to search and select the most beautiful raw materials. Time to show your wealth in the most sophisticated compositions.

Produced on a small scale to preserve their extraordinary quality, its fragrances are offered in streamlined bottles topped with beechwood stoppers carved by a master craftsman, a reference to the fact that it is the wood of the barrels, as much as the grape, that imparts its flavor to the cognac.

To revive the tradition that has always given French fragrance prestige and originality, perfumers are given the freedom to fully express their style, drawing inspiration from a novel source: Frapin cognacs.