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Tiziana Terenzi - Parfumerie d'Aquitaine

Titian Terenzi

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Tiziana Terenzi - Ursa

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Tiziana Terenzi is an Italian perfume house. Evelino Terenzi founded Cereria Terenzi in 1968 in Cattolica, Italy. His father, Guglielmo, made Easter and devotional candles for churches, while his mother, Luigia, created an artisan laboratory in the family home. Cereria Terenzi is the parent company of this niche fragrance brand, as well as V Canto and Giardino Benessere, two other niche perfume houses.

The path to the current exclusive fragrances of the brand "Tiziana Terenzi" is rather unusual. Guglielmo Terenzi founded a wax factory in Catalonia in the 1980s, which made a name for itself with candle design. His son Evelino Terenzi wanted to strengthen and expand the company, which led him to develop a wax that was safer to handle.

Paolo and Tiziana Terenzi also continued on this path. Thanks to its passion for beautiful and unique things, the brand has also delved into the limitless and always luxurious world of fragrances.