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Tauer Perfumes - Parfumerie d'Aquitaine

Tauer Perfumes

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Tauer Perfumes - Orange Star - Parfumerie d'Aquitaine
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Tauer Perfumes - Orange Star

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Tauer perfumes - Sundowner

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Tauer Perfumes - Phi joins Rose of Kandahar

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"Things of Tauer": Swiss perfumer Andy Tauer himself has adopted this concept to describe the typical Tauer note that pervades all his fragrances in the middle or background.

Originally a chemist with a PhD, then a part-time IT project manager and self-taught perfumer, he is now fully focused on his hobby-turned-profession with his company Tauer Perfumes.

Andy Tauer developed his first fragrance, "No. 01 - Le Maroc pour Elle", in 2004, when a bookseller friend asked him to design an exclusive perfume for his store. From this private passion came the first milestone of a success story.

While at the beginning of Tauer Perfumes he still bottled his perfumes himself and sent them with personal letters, since 2005 Andy Tauer has satisfied his need for closeness and exchange with his clientele and fragrance lovers by running his own blog.