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Roja Parfums - The Isola Collection

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Roja Parfums - Oceania

from $19.000 - $330.000

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Roja Parfums - Isola Blu

from $22.500 - $390.000

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Let ROJA transport you to the distant shores of an olfactory dreamland. In an instant, a single spray will transport the senses to a luxurious island vacation that few have the means to make a reality. Deeply evocative sensory experiences, each trip is an opportunity to escape the everyday: Whether stepping off a yacht to an exclusive Mediterranean island or relaxing on a private beach under the golden hour sun, each destination will immerse you in the lifestyle. of the five-star world traveler. Olfactory postcards from the most luxurious places on the planet, The Isola Collection is the epitome of "wish I was here." All you have to do is close your eyes and escape.