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Mathieu Nardin

Born and raised in Grasse, France, Mathieu Nardin comes from a family of perfumers. She developed a deep appreciation for natural materials while working in her grandparents' fields, picking jasmine and rose flowers. This early contact with the world of fragrances led him to study perfumery at the prestigious ISIPCA perfumery school.

After completing his training, Mathieu Nardin began his career in perfumery at Robertet, where he honed his creativity and olfactory skills. Eventually, he joined Mane, a well-known fragrance company. As part of a new generation of perfumers, Nardin skillfully combines traditional techniques and materials with innovative approaches. Among his creations, his collaboration with the British house Miller Harris stands out.

Nardin has proven its versatility by working with a wide range of brands such as By Kilian, Goutal, Helene Fischer, Houbigant, Les Bains Guerbois, Miller Harris, Molinard, Nobile 1942, Perris Monte Carlo, Régime des Fleurs, Reminiscence and Xerjoff.

Some of his most popular creations are Xerjoff

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Miller Harris - Scherzo - Parfumerie d'Aquitaine
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Miller Harris-Scherzo

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Xerjoff - Zefiro

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