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Francesca Bianchi - Parfumerie d'Aquitaine

Francesca Bianchi

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Francesca Bianchi - Tyger Tyger - Parfumerie d'Aquitaine
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Francesca Bianchi - Tyger Tyger

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Francesca's method:

"My passion for perfumery started fifteen years ago thanks to a book and a handful of essential oils, gifts from a friend. Since then, I have not stopped studying and experimenting. In a parallel Florentine life, I graduated in Art History and then worked in book publishing for a long time. I moved to Berlin, Luxembourg and finally to Amsterdam, where I currently live.

My perfumes are conceived and handcrafted by me, from the initial spark to the final bottling in my laboratory. The constant search for quality raw materials is not only crucial for the product, but it is a passion to which I am forced to give myself. Trying another rose absolute, or an unusual material that is new to me, or a special chemical scent gives me great pleasure and gratification.

Real circumstances, moods and intuitions charged with a disturbing, sensory, emotional or spiritual meaning are the source of my inspiration. They are my epiphanies. I am not interested in simply copying their smell, but in evoking them and, at the same time, expressing the emotion that I experience during these epiphanic events."