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Fragrance du Bois - Parfumerie d'Aquitaine

Fragrance du Bois

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Fragrance du Bois - New York 5th Avenue

from $17.000 - $45.000

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Fragrance du Bois's realm of majesty, where its signature fragrances are consciously crafted by master perfumers using only the finest ingredients, can transform thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Fragrance du Bois's heritage as a provider of world-class luxury fragrances is well deserved. They choose to collaborate only with the best in the industry, which is why their coveted perfume collections have evolved over the years, gaining global notoriety and paving the way in the world of fragrances.

Delve into the empire of Fragrance Du Bois and discover for yourself the best of French classic, contemporary modern and Arabic artistic perfumery.