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Amélie Bourgeois

Amelie Bourgeois

Amélie Bourgeois is a French perfumer known for her ability to capture the essence of the inspiration behind a fragrance and create compositions that evoke and surprise in equal measure. While studying cosmetology, Bourgeois became fascinated by perfumes and began to dedicate herself to perfumery. He completed internships at Cinquième Sens and discovered his passion and talent for this profession. Bourgeois spent seven years developing new fragrances and honing her personal style in-house before founding her own independent studio, FLAIR.

Bourgeois' work is strongly rooted in the real scents of the natural world, and her extensive experience in the beauty sector allows her to precisely hone and produce sensational compositions across the spectrum. She is especially known for her ability to evoke memories and emotions through fragrances, based on the experiences of her childhood in France, between the beaches of the Landes and the green fields of Picardy.

Bourgeois has worked with a wide range of brands, such as BDK Parfums, Jovoy Paris, Mendittorosa, Frapin, Alexandre.J and Les Liquides Imaginaires, among others. Some of their most popular fragrances are Rouge Smoking , Les Jeux sont Faits , Paradis Perdu and Mandarine Sultane. Her work has earned her the reputation of being one of the most sought-after young noses in perfumery.

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