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We are a family boutique perfumery founded in 2021 by Federico Altermatt Durruty and Sebastián Altermatt Durruty, where you can find exclusive and unique fragrances that suit your taste.

Among various things, we offer perfume decanters, so that you can discover that aroma that identifies and complements you before deciding on a full bottle or so that you can travel wherever you want with a travel-size version.

We also bring perfumes to order, which have been difficult for you to find

Our mission is to give them the opportunity to delve into a search for unique and high-quality aromas, allowing them to get to know a different perfumery and thus find aromas that captivate and identify them.

We have a vision of providing an unparalleled experience, guiding our clients into the world of perfumery and allowing them to try extraordinary new scents that project their qualities, moods and personality through them.