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Diptyque - Parfumerie d'Aquitaine


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A door with two identical windows on each side, that's a boutique. For our three founders, experts in Art History, it is also a diptych, which is written "diptyque" in French.

A name that is written as the structure of an ancient temple. Zooming in, the messy letter puts a slight twist on the traditional, adding a whimsical touch. At first glance, it's clearly Diptyque.

Theater, music, painting, as well as gardening, knitting, picnics and much more. Diptyque's world is made up of powerful emotions and delicate pleasures, art and the art of living.

Each Eau de Toilette has a special scene, a concrete memory or an imaginary trip that describes its corresponding drawing. A delicate secret of the author of perfumes.

Diptyque expresses its uniqueness even when it comes to choosing its ingredients, seeking only the noblest raw materials to create its works of art. Being demanding means having no limitations, and the substance of dreams has no limits.

Always nostalgic, Diptyque constantly travels back in time to reinvent the art of living through the senses and reimagine timeless beauty rituals.