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In the world of fragrances, the Swedish luxury brand "Byredo" occupies a special position because its perfumes do not have a unique selling proposition. Instead, the brand focuses solely on a delicate translation of emotions into sumptuous products and experiences.

"Byredo" was not founded until 2006 by Ben Gorham (Swedish to an Indian mother and Canadian father), making his brand even more notable for his outstanding personal style and connection to the art world.

Through this constellation, Ben Gorham was immersed in the world of renowned fragrances, flavors and essences in his early childhood. However, this native of Sweden graduated from art school first before deciding to enter the amazing world of fragrances. Thanks to this background, he quickly became a style icon in the world of fashion and lifestyle. Today "Byredo" is a permanent fixture in international fashion magazines such as Elle, Vogue, Vanity Fair or Fantastic Man.

The scents and fragrances sold by "Byredo" are luxurious lifestyle products that are subdivided into categories such as season, gender, occasion, or skin type, but "Byredo" always emphasizes the fact that all shades of fragrance can be combined with each other.