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Welcome to Byron Parfums: Get to know this house

Bienvenido a Byron Parfums: Conoce esta casa
BYRON PARFUMS: When Music Inspires Perfumery

Fourteen years ago, a passionate man made a decision that would change his life and the world of perfumery forever. Yann Derriennic, also known as L'ARCHITECTE , the founder of Byron Parfums, was a music producer.

L'ARCHITECTE, originally from the northern outskirts of Paris, has built its identity on the street, steeped in Urban Culture. He decided to break the codes of niche perfume to create something truly unique. Thus began a fascinating journey that fuses the magic of music with the art of perfumery.

A Return to the Roots of Inspiration

Yann D. interprets his works without ever losing sight of what is essential: imagining perfumes that make the soul travel for the greatest pleasure of all. His meticulous approach and obsession with perfection are evident in every Byron Parfums fragrance.

Like a DJ mixing tracks, L'ARCHITECTE harmonizes notes to create dazzling olfactory compositions. Each fragrance is the result of careful alchemy, a passionate search for raw materials and a subtle harmony of aromas and colors.

The Soul of Byron Parfums

In the world of Byron Parfums, the senses intertwine in a fascinating dance of aromas and emotions. Each fragrance is a window to a dream world, where dreams become reality and memories become tangible.

Yann D. excels in graffiti art and stands out as a talented rap composer. With the ability to understand and recreate the flows and techniques of rap, he challenges the biggest names of the genre in battle.

It is the soul of L'ARCHITECTE that drives Byron Parfums forward, reminding us that true beauty lies in the ability to imagine and create, no matter what the medium of expression.

Explore Byron Parfums Exclusive Collections
  • Narcotique Collection : The Narcotique Collection is a range of addictive and powerful perfume extracts. Explore the intoxicating power of fruits and spices with Narcotique fragrances. These gourmand perfume extracts evoke the passion that you can succumb to when breathing one of these forbidden nectar aromas.

  • Pirates Collection : Immerse yourself in the heart of a mysterious world where everything is found and nothing is the same. Discover this sensual and exotic collection with its provocative aroma and let yourself be surprised by the olfactory treasures it contains.

  • Collection Rouge Extrême : Pushed to the extreme with unbridled sensuality, the Rouge Extrême collection evokes the ultimate temptation. Sweet and extremely seductive notes, an immense, almost ungraspable voluptuousness.

The Legacy of L'ARCHITECTE

Today, Byron Parfums is present in more than thirty countries, and its motto "Hooked with just one sniff" is truer than ever. Each fragrance is a promise of discovery, an invitation to immerse yourself in a world of sensuality and wonder.

Discover their line of perfumes here.

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